Pak Ming Wan is an French-Australian photographer who mainly finds his photographic inspiration from the streets of Paris where he is currently based.

Pak Ming Wan is passionate about photography and spends most of his spare time walking the streets of Paris in search of the perfect composition. His mission is to discover places and people first-hand and to learn about and from them.

He is also passionate about technology and regularly conducts technological experiments at home and product reviews, which you can follow on his tech blog.

In his every-day life, Pak is an IT consultant, working for a large international company. He also sometimes plays the violin and piano and loves good food, good wine and good company.

Pak Ming Wan’s Photographic style

Pak Ming Wan’s photographic style is decidedly people focused and he is fascinated by the way in which people and objects interact, always seeking to put forward to human condition in its purest form, especially in urban and peri-urban environments.

His objective is to capture the moment, which is why his photos are never posed. His approach is to leave space around his subjects in order to give a depth of perspective to his photos.

Equipment and technical details

Since 2012, Pak had been shooting his photos primarily using a colour digital camera (Leica M6), with black and white conversion. Other cameras are indicated in his album notes, if applicable.

After purchasing a digital Leica Monochrome, Type 246, in May 2020, Pak Ming Wan has been taking exclusively black and white photos using a 35/2 lens.

Raw DNGs (from camera) are processed in Lightroom 6, on matte 6500K (or D65) colour calibrated screens, at around 120 cd/m2 (Pak’s recommended viewing conditions).

His prints are produced using an Epson R3000 printer with Ultrachrome K3 inks on Canson Infinity Baryta paper.

Feel free to explore this website, where you can discover Pak’s latest photo series of France and other European countries, and read his technology blog.