Below are a set of longer articles that I have written that cover topics in more detail that I think are worth sharing.

  • From the curb-side: a pre-loved gaming computer
    Walking down to the supermarket on Saturday, I saw a PC tower half opened in a large carry bag on the side of the street. There was a Post-It on it, with the garbage collection reference for Paris sanitation to […]
  • (Trying to) Migrate to a low powered ARM based desktop
    After a year of using the same desktop setup (based on a 2013 Elitebook 820 G1), I concluded that the large majority of my time was spent in Linux and in a handful of applications that ran mostly in Chrome. […]
  • Optimising the heating of my apartment using a data driven approach (or my apartment’s IOT sensor and server setup)
    During winter, heating consumes a large part of my energy bill. I installed a Nest Thermostat before winter, and whilst I like the product as a device, I wanted to evaluate the performance on a more empirical basis (i.e. looking […]
  • Improving Your Work from Home Setup
    For the new year after almost 9+ months of working from home (or WFH), this post is my retrospective on my setup and recommendations for others. The Short Version Get a fibre home internet connection with a good router. Use […]
  • Elitebook 820 G1 Full HD IPS Upgrade
    The Elitebook 820 G1 has been a reliable partner for the last 6 years or so, but the screen has been a real crutch (TN, 1366×768, groan). It turns out that it is fed via a one lane eDP 30 […]
  • Crash Bang Plus Plus 10 Linux Desktop Setup
    How to setup Crashbang Plus Plus 10 for an HP Elitebook 820 G1. This guide gives some insight into my preferred Linux desktop configuration and also how to do some minor tweaks on Debian to optimise your install. Step 1: […]
  • Migrating WordPress Hosting Provider to Google Cloud Platform
    Introduction Hosting is one of those things that you tend to buy and then forget about, like buying an electricity provider. It just works and you forget about it. There are always specific cases where you may need someone more […]
  • Digital / Online Learning Content for 2017 – Early 2018
    Complementing my recommended book list for 2017 – early 2018, there also exists a lot, a LOT, of online content for free that you can use to build your knowledge on modern IT topics. During a recent discussion with a […]
  • IT / Innovation Book Recommendations 2017-Early 2018
    Here are my book recommendations for 2017, based on my learning objective to refresh my IT knowledge for the cloud / AI / ML / open source era. The catalyst for this learning effort was a real coincidence of multiple […]
  • Creating a Pollution Sensor based on Plantower Particulate Sensors (PMS3003)
    If you already have Arduino board hanging around and would like to create your own PM2.5 / PM10 particulate sensor, here’s a recipe on how to do this. Note that I have pulled together a lot of other resources from […]
  • Fixing Cisco Linksys E4200 v2 Stability Issues
    I have an old Cisco Linksys E4200 v2 and have decided to share my fix for various stability issues that are present in the hardware design. It’s still quite a useful little router for my purposes (even though now there […]
  • MacBook 2017: First Impressions
    I recently acquired a MacBook 2017. It has been over 7 years since my last new Mac purchase experience, so I thought I’d document the first impressions since my last purchase experience. (Full disclosure: I’m primarily a Microsoft Windows / […]
  • Migrating from Amazon Kindle to Kobo E-Reader (Using Free Tools)
    This blog post explains the migration from Amazon Kindle to Kobo E-Reader. I had purchased the Kobo independently of wanting to do such a migration (and use two devices) but I found tools online that facilitate such a migration (and […]
  • Pentax K-30 / K-50 Black Picture Problem and Fix (Aperture Control Block)
    Pentax K-30 and K-50 have a problem with the aperture control block mechanism within the camera that causes them to not actuate the aperture, hence giving only black photos. This is due to a small solenoid within the camera, that […]
  • Fix for Epson R3000 Ink Smearing / Dropping on Prints (Also works on R3880, R2880, and others)
    A common problem with the R3000 (and other Epson printers that use the same print head), is that after a couple of years of service ink drops begin to fall on your prints. This is not due to a head […]
  • Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, Delhi, India
      The Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar is a huge parking lot for trucks in the north west of Delhi. It’s the largest truck roadhouse in Asia, and handles between 2000-3000 trucks (and about 6000 truckers a day). With 6000 men […]
  • Self Help Group (SHG), Microfinancing, Nerela, New Delhi
    Savita (CSI Community Mobiliser) and Devaki (GRC Director) are facilitating a rather interesting microfinancing project in the slum called a Self Help Group (SHG) or Stree Shakti Suvidha Kendra (in Hindi). This is a program whereby they help the women […]
  • Marriage Mediation, Near Pocket 11, Sector 6, Nerela
    NOTE: This post has been written by Divesh Kaul with additional information from Devaki the CSI GRC’s programme manager (Child Survival India Gender Resource Center). Geeta’s and her husband’s weeding was conducted by her family in a village of Uttar […]
  • Masti Ki Paathashaala (MKP), Fun School Project, New Delhi
      The Masti Ki Paathashaala (MKP) or Fun School project being run by CSI (the NGO I’m shadowing here in Delhi). This school takes kids that have either fallen out or not been to school and provides them with remedial […]
  • Vietnam: Of Visas, Ha Long Bay, and Hanoi
    Whilst on holiday in Penang, my dad turned to me and asked what it would take to go to Vietnam for a couple of days. My sister and I looked at each other and said we would work it out. […]
  • No more instrument auctions (at Christies and Southeby’s at least)
    Strad indicated recently that Christies would follow Southeby’s lead and stop its annual instrument auction. The article indicates that all its auctions activities have shifted to private sales (presumably this means their staff as well). That was always a dream […]
  • Relaunch of pak ming wan dot com …
    After more than a year of inactivity I’ve decided to tear down the old drupal install and restart on wordpress (which is what all the cool kids seem to be using these days). I think I was just getting bored […]