Photos from Sardinia, Italy in August 2021. A mediterranean island of so much nature and bold colour these rare gifts have been shaped by humanity over millennia. Here, modernity clashes with history everywhere you look. 

The day is dominated by clear blue sky, emerald clear water, and the sun. In the heat, the people disappear in the afternoon, to work or rest inside. The night arrives slowly by the fading light and the people return to reclaim lost time.

Being an island populated for thousands of years, there are many notable relics. The Nuraghe castle posted by the ancient civilisations on the island still remain, the Roman columns of temples by the sea still stand as witnesses to time. Cork trees are still abundant across the island and agriculture that has sustained human society exists at a reasonable scale to what still remains a very well forested island. 

Times have changed though. In summer, the springs of the island run slower with less water in the aquifers. And with abundant forests and dry summers comes fire. Climate change shapes and takes away what time cannot.

Photographer’s note: These photos are in colour and taken with a Panasonic GH5 + Leica Summicron 15/1.7.