The Elitebook 820 G1 has been a reliable partner for the last 6 years or so, but the screen has been a real crutch (TN, 1366×768, groan). It turns out that it is fed via a one lane eDP 30 pin connector: which in theory should support FullHD.

In fact, it does — you can install the Elitebook 820 G2 Full HD IPS panel into the 820 G1. Caveat: you do lose some functionality (screen closing signal and need to do irreversible changes to the face plate to accommodate the larger board next to the screen.

Firstly, look at the service manual for the Elitebook 820 G1.

Basic instructions:

  • Order a Full HD replacement panel (example Ebay auction link). It should cost about 60 Euro.
  • Take off the faceplate to the screen. It is held in place by plastic clips, so a spudger or even a butter knife should pop it off.
  • Unscrew the existing screen and pop off the eDP connector carefully with a plastic point.
  • Replace the screen, plug it in, and test.
  • Take off the magnet for the screen hall sensor and file it down. File down all other plastic points to hold in the screen sideboard for the old screen — it is larger for the Full HD and will not fit.
  • Fit the new faceplate back onto the laptop.
  • Add some felt pads onto the face plate to stop it contacting the power button, wireless, and mute buttons.