After more than a year of inactivity I’ve decided to tear down the old drupal install and restart on wordpress (which is what all the cool kids seem to be using these days). I think I was just getting bored of facebook of owning all my photos and IP.

I did try to work out if a migration from the old drupal install was possible, and it wasn’t, so it was more of a case of taking a backup and then blowing the site away. Which is a shame, because I’ve committed the cardinal sin of leaving dead links on the internet.

Some technical details on the site, especially since you don’t go about building these things from scratch anymore:

  • Site engine: WordPress. The simplest blogging site engine around. I did hesitate to actually go with a third party here again, but in the end the IT engineer in me said that I should deploy this myself.
  • Theme: Touchfolio. I wanted a site that would work on a touch device and I took the decision to start with a theme built with this in mind, not the other way around. This is in Beta, but it seems good enough for my use in initial testing. I like the fact it is drop dead simple (i.e. also hackable by me if I need to change anything).
  • Plugins: Jetpack. From, they provide a set of cloud based services through jetpack. This includes social network integration and analytics. I’ll start with this and see how it goes.
  • Fonts: Google Web Fonts. Google have a great collection of web fonts which are supported by my theme and CSS. The touchfolio theme again helps out here by making a fond change easy, and also by handling font changes very elegantly.

And that’s about it! Now onto the posting!